Public & In House​

Public & In House

  1. Certified Trainer Revolution Mind Indonesia (CTRMI®)
  2. Neuro Linguistic Programming
  3. Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
  4. Certified Internal Auditor Professional Specialist (CIAPS™)
  5. Certified Professional Public Speaking (CPPS®)
  6. Certified Professional Risk Management (CPRM®)
  7. Rekam Medis Elektronik (RME)
  8. Certified Professional General Affair Management (CPGAM)
  9. Certified Fraud Investigator Professional (CFIP®)
  10. Certified Professional Leadership Management (CPLM®)
  11. Certified Professional Public Speaking (CPPS®)
  12. Certified Professional Service Excellence (CPSE®)
  13. Certified Excellent Human Capital Management Professional (CEHCMP®)
  14. Certified Supply Chain Analyst Professional (CSCAP)
  15. Certified Professional Digital Marketing (CPDM)
  16. Certified Wealth Planner Professional (CWPP)
  17. Certified Master of Ceremony (CMC)
  18. Certified Business Plan Professional (CBPP)
  19. Certified Professional Information Technology Auditor (CPITA)
  20. Certified Professional Compensation Benefit (CPCB)
  21. Certified Professional Activity Based Costing (CPABC)
  22. Certified Corporate Security Associate (CCSA)
  23. Certified Talent Management Professional (CTMP)
  24. Certified Professional Supply Chain Management (CPSCM)
  25. Certified Recruitment & Selection Professional (CRSP)
  26. Certified Social Media Marketing Professional (CSMMP)
  27. Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  28. Certified Auditor SMK3 Professional (CASP)
  29. Certified Training Need Analyst Professional (CTNAP)
  30. Certified Logistics Management Professional (CLMP)
  31. Certified Professional Performance Management (CPPM)
  32. Certified Professional Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (CPGRC)
  33. Certified Ice Breaker (CIB)
  34. Certified Professional MYOB Service Accounting (CPMSA)
  35. Certified Anti Terrorism Associate (CATA)
  36. Certified Graphology for Recruitment (CGR)
  37. Certified Graphology for Recruitment Professional (CGRP)
  38. Certified Creative Accounting Professional (CCAP)
  39. Certified Professional Standard Operating Procedure (CPSOP)
  40. Certified Professional Organizational Development (CPOD)
  41. Certified Remuneration Reward Professional (CRRP)
  42. Certified Document Controller Professional (CDCP)
  43. Certifed Balanced Score Card Professional (CBSCP)
  44. Certifed Workload Analyst Professional (CWAP)
  45. Certified Crime Prevention Associate (CCPA)
  46. Certified Asset & Property Management Professional (CAPMP)
  47. Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional (CAMLP)
  48. Certified Handwriting Analyst Practitioner (CHAP)
  49. Certified Excellent Handwriting Analyst Professional (CEHAP)
  50. Certified Industrial Relation Practitioner (CIRP)
  51. Certified Professional Business Operations (CPBO)
  52. Certified Sales Skills Professional (CSSP)
  53. Certified Marketing Communication Professional (CMCP)
  54. Certified Effective Communication Skills at Work (CECSW)
  55. Continuous Improvement Certified Professional (CICP) – Genba Kaizen
  56. Lean Strategic Certified Specialist (LSCS)
  57. Manufacturing Maintenance Certified Excellence (MMCE)
  58. Quality Management System Certified Professional (QMSCP)
  59. Lean Manufacturing Certified Specialist (LMCS)
  60. Advisory Auditor Certified Professional (AACP)
  61. Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS)
  62. Certified Business Continuity Management Professional (CBCMP)
  63. Financial Planner Certified Professional (FPCP)
  64. Financial Statement Analysis Certified Professional (FSACP)
  65. Financial Modeling Skills Certified Professional (FMSCP)
  66. Data Analysis & Visualization Certified Professional (DAVCP)
  67. Treasury Management Certified Professional (TMCP)
  68. Financial Reporting Skills Certified Professional (FRSCP)
  69. Basic Accounting Certified Professional (BACP)
  70. PSAK Certified Professional (PSAKCP)
  71. Tax Planning & Management Certified Professional (TPMCP)
  72. Corporate Valuation Certified Professional (CVCP)
  73. Invesment Banking Certified Professional (IBCP)
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